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Mr. Pancho Mexican Food is a restaurant that serves authentic Mexican food, right in the heart of Mesa, Arizona. Mr. Pancho Mexican Food is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. The restaurant was stablished, after the infamous Restaurant Mexico located in Mill Avenue in Tempe Closed. The idea of stablishing Mr. Pancho Mexican Food came to mind when many patrons approached head cook Angel López, after they heard the news of Restaurant Mexico closing its’ doors. Mr. Pancho might resemble and have some of the essence of Restaurant Mexico. Aside from the chef, most of the interior of this restaurant — chairs, tables, and booths — are also from the old place. Even better, the same menu items with the addition of tortas, gorditas, nachos, and three new tacos can be found under the Mr. Pancho menu.

Owner Angel López, head cook and owner of Mr. Pancho Mexican Food; worked as head cook at Restaurant Mexico in downtown Tempe from 1988 until its closure in August after 42 years. Now as the owner of Mr. Pancho Mexican Food, he invites everyone to come on over, pull up a chair, and enjoy good food with friends or on your own.  Always make sure you check out the specials of the day, they include some of the most popular dishes from the old Restaurant Mexico, such chile rellenos on Fridays and menudo on Sundays, now in their new home at Mr. Pancho. Mr. Pancho is open 10a.m.-8p.m. Monday-Saturday


Place is so good! I have been looking for a great authentic Mexican food spot in AZ. I found one! Staff are super nice, food is top notch.

– Justin S.

For anyone who loved Restaurant Mexico (“RM”), this is the place for you. The RM chef opened his own shop and brought many of the famed dishes with him. The restaurant is a bit of work to get to, the building isn’t fancy but everything is spotless and the food is hot and delicious. Worth the drive! Worth the bit of work to get there. Across Main Street from a BRIGHT yellow building (pawn shop? it is DT Mesa). I love the place, the food and the people.

– Peter O.

Food is delicious. Small little restaurant but has awesome food and great service!!!

– Antonio D.

My absolute favorite restaurant was Restaurant Mexico before they closed. One of the guys who worked in there opened his own place and modeled it after my favorite and bot does he ever nail it! The food is still excellent and priced very reasonably! This is my new favorite now! oh and my fav food: Chicken mole! but no one beats their silly bean tostada and the magnificent taco duro! And my favorite waitress still works for them! Bertha you are an angel – keep smiling!

– Mary S.

The chef and cashier were SO NICE AND WELCOMING! I literally felt at home while eating here. The food was delicious and tasty, I would definitely would come here again and bring more family and friends

– Daya C.

My wife and I ate at four different locations of Restaurant Mexico over a 30 year period. We were saddened it closed but delighted that the same chef that worked there opened his new restaurant as Mr. Pancho’s using basically the same menu as Restaurant Mexico. It’s a 35 minute drive from our house, but well worth the time it takes to go there. It is still our favorite food in Phoenix!

– Lee Carter




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